Welcome, sister!

I’m Jasmine Rose – Yogini, temple keeper and a guide for women in unearthing their deep inner power and the ecstatic embodiment that I believe is our natural state.

Join me in an enlivening and deeply nourishing practice that celebrates & invokes your natural freedom, delight & deep inner knowing as woman.

This 7-week immersion is an embodied journey in awakening shakti – your feminine energy and primordial power from deep in your body.

During this course, which you can start anytime, you will discover and experience how to:

Awaken sensual energy

Harness your creative power

Source pleasure within

Move with your natural rhythms

Attune to your body wisdom

Ground, soften and relax deeply

Connect with your womb space

In this course we will unravel tensions from the body, liberate + harness the energy of our emotions⁣, and soften into the heart and womb, accessing our deep inner knowing. ⁣

What is Shakti Yoga?

This is yoga, re-wilded for the woman who yearns to feel more alive and at home in her body.

It combines mystical Yogini practice (specific to female bodies) with earth-based wisdom and organic movement.

This is for you if you long to feel nourished, sensual & powerful in your feminine energy.

This is a practice that not only honours the female body & cycles, but fully harnesses the 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒌𝒕𝒊- the power of being woman.

You are your own most untapped resource! And I will share gateways within your body - particularly the womb, pelvis & heart; practices that unearth the creative force within you.

Shakti Yoga is a reclamation of the female body as sacred;

the harnessing of the unique power it possesses;

a blessing and honouring of her wisdom, beauty and bounty 🌹.

What am I likely to get out of this course?

Here’s what past participants have experienced:

Feeling more home in their bodies & connected to their feminine energy

▽ More easeful, even ecstatic, menstruation

The experience of pleasure and aliveness in their bodies

A rousing of their sensual energy & a rekindling of passion with their partners or themselves

Deep inner fulfillment and self-intimacy

Awakening to their feminine power

A deeper sense of grounding and connection to the earth

Being more in tune with their body wisdom

Deep relaxation

Diminished anxiety

Feeling connected to their womb and its wisdom

About this immersion

You will discover and experience:

How to sense, awaken and harness Shakti – the creative force within – for healing, transformation, energisation, creativity.

How to connect with your body’s innate wisdom and tune into the whispers within, developing a deeper trust in the intelligence that is your inner compass

How to unravel tensions – physical, emotional, mental and energetic – from the body through a combination of signature Shakti Yoga asanas (yoga postures) and guided organic movement practices

The art of grounding for relaxation, vitality and embodiment

The art of rest and deep surrender for rejuvenation, dropping beneath ‘ordinary’ consciousness, to access the deeper wisdom within and restore the balance in our bodies and energy system.

Each of the Shakti Yoga practices have been created to entice you into deeper communion with this sacred She, to support you in becoming familiar with the sensations and currents of shakti, and clearing the way for her to trace pathways of bliss through the body


❤︎ 7 x weeks of feminine wisdom codes and guided practices - some video, some audio, some PDF - Note: These are drip-fed week by week to set a manageable pace

❤︎ Access to a private Facebook group of Shakti Yoginis where you can receive support, share questions, experiences and connect with your circle of women. I will be available in this group to answer your questions!

❤︎ 15+ evocative playlists of music you will love to accompany your practice

❤︎ Lifetime access to all of the practices and recordings – which includes 7 hours of video content (33+ videos) and several MP3s

❤︎ VIP invitations for online Shakti Yoga retreats to meet with me and our circle of yoginis in real-time to practice together


❤︎ Shakti Yoga and self-care during menstruation e-book
❤︎ Introduction to the yoni egg and Shakti Yoga e-book


"Energy doesn’t lie and it’s easy to see that Jasmine is a powerful embodiment and ambassador of the Divine Shakti essence. I found her to be the perfect guide to lead me deeper into the myriad aspects of my core feminine and reconnect with my desire, my sensuality, my body wisdom and pleasure. ... Jasmine’s guidance, wisdom and energetic presence provide a key code for women who are looking to re-enter the secret chambers of their innate abundance and experience the ecstatic presence within their bodies, that has been laying as dormant potential, waiting for that time of awakening.”


“Jasmine’s online shakti immersion is unlike any other online offering I’ve ever experienced. Jasmine transcends the screen and connects in a really meaningful way. Everything had been curated so beautifully to create an immersive experience with playlists and the visually sumptuous videos, I feel like I am transported directly into Jasmine’s beautiful temple space.
Jasmine’s energy was irresistible and I found myself feeling delightfully warm, activated and lovingly tended to all at once by the shakti sessions. There is so much content to keep diving back into so you can deepen your practice. I’m so grateful to Jasmine for her work which is like no other I know of.”


"Thank you so much Jasmine Rose for facilitating such an amazing immersion and my first intro to Shakti Yoga! I could not recommend working with Jasmine Rose enough! She provided such a stunning space with the most amazing group of yoginis and through exploring the sensual, earthy, expressive and nourishing Shakti practices I feel more connected to my self and to life than ever before. Jasmine Rose has such a beautiful presence and passion for her work and I was able to recieve so much from her support and guidance. I feel like I am flowing through life, its ups and downs, with more grace and connection than I've ever been able to before. Thank you so much again. So much love, Paige xxx"

More details about the immersion

This immersion will include a combination of:

Inner Shakti Yoga practices that unlock doors to the wonders within
Unique and enlivening sequences to carve pathways through which Shakti can elegantly flow plus an organic movement practice each week with a particular focus or theme.
Restorative Yoga poses for deep rejuvenation and guided relaxation to relish the sweetness of surrender and allow for deep integration.
Ways of breathing to clear, ground, channel and awaken energy
Songs that have been selected to evoke the particular mood or feeling state the inspire the different Shakti Yoga rituals. Playlists will be provided that you can move, shake, breathe and rest to.

The practices in this course are designed to be easily incorporated into your routine. Each ritual is a “bite-sized” practice (between 3 and 20 minutes). Many of these rituals are “cultivation practices”, meaning the more often you do them, the more they will reveal their magic and medicine to you.

Women wanting to do longer practices will be offered suggested routines that combine rituals into an intelligent and seamless flow.
By the end of the course you will have a delectable array of practices and resources to pick and choose from depending on your mood, your menstrual phase, and what your body wisdom is guiding you toward.

True feminine power is a combination of both serenity and strength. And in a world that has mistaken adrenaline for energy and hardness as strength, Shakti Yoga is feminine medicine for these times. 

This practice is a rebellion where we reclaim the feminine ways of honouring cycles and rhythms of rest and activity.
We return to the womb – the place that births creation; a portal to our feminine power and inner knowing; our connection to the great Mystery.

Inspired by nature, we embody the elemental forces and realise in a visceral way our interconnection with all of creation.

Here is a breakdown of what each week includes...

This is the suggested pace for the course, but that said - you set the pace! You will have access to it forever.

Each week has a suggested order of practices if you are taking them all in one sitting. But there is no need to. You are welcome to take them one-by-one as standalone practices.

A playlist has lovingly been created for you every week to set the mood for your Shakti practice.

Week One: Welcome to the Temple

This week is all about settling into the temple and the temple of our body, initiating this deeper intimacy with shakti.

This week, you are invited to set your intention for being here and to introduce yourself to our global circle of yoginis.

There is a Welcome video to warm you up to the space, alongside all the foundational Shakti Yoga practices, including:

Shakti invocation
Stirring the Sleeping Shakti
Shakti shaking
Letting Shakti lead.

Week Two: The art of grounding

The descending current is foundational in Shakti Yoga as we ground and anchor into Mother Earth. This week we:

Deepen our relationship with our ROOT- our sacred ground within and below

Invite and include our yoni into our practice (with the option of introducing the jade egg)

Juice things up and discover the holiness of our HIPS

Week Three: Deepening in delight

This week we grow our roots deeper You are offered a combination of more dynamic practices and the subtle inner explorations including:

▽ Freeing up the sacrum and spine to liberate the flow of shakti

▽ Attune to subtle undercurrents of delight and move it through the body

▽ Learn an inner Tantric yoga practice

▽ Unlock dormant energy in the hips and cultivating creative energy for pleasure, vitality and accessing the deep wisdom that dwells here

▽ Become a conduit for the power of the earth

▽ Release, relax and restore deeply to unravel more subtle places of tension and holding

Week Four: Integration

This week is a dedicated integration week, with a few special treats, including:.

▽ A few new playlists to shake, move and relax to

▽ KNOWING YOUR YES - BODY AS ORACLE - a guided audio. 

▽ Shakti Yoga for menstruation - how to take care of yourself and your womb while you're bleeding

▽ Yoni nidra practice to connect with, soften and awaken the diferent part of the yoni

Week Five: Stoking the shakti fire

This week's practices are all centered on stoking the inner fire, and accessing the fiercer feminine energy within us

▽ Learn an embodied prayer to the feminine force - Shakti namaskar ~ Salutation to She

▽ Invoke the element of fire through our breath and movement and develop physical strength and increase confidence

▽ Connect with the shakti of the warrior goddess Kali to cut through obstructions, face our demons and free ourselves from self-imposed limitations

▽ Bathe in the after glow with some yummy floor sequences and the luscious legs-up -the -wall

Week Six: Honey for the heart

This week is centered in the sacred heart, a return to the shimmering abode within.

Experience and embody the shimmering vibrancy of spanda shakti, the pulse of life
▽ Deepen in intimacy with the breath and the soft yet powerful caress of the air element
▽ Embody the heart's divine qualities of grace, devotion, love and longing
▽ Melt the heart patiently and lovingly through self-massage, restorative yoga and movement

Week Seven: Embodying the grace of Shakti

This week we will:

▽ Bring together all of the goodness of our time together, harvesting the fruits of our practice and integrating the energies we have awakened
▽ Connect with the shakti of Yogini Goddess Parvati - one of the original yoginis - and embody her qualities of grace, joy and divine love
▽ Enjoy a couple of signature Shakti Yoga flows
▽ Experience the power of mudra on a deeper level through moving meditation

Every single practice shared in this immersion is a key that has the potential to unlock gateways that awaken us to the wonder of being alive, and into intimacy with the mystery that moves all things.


"Thankyou doesn't feel adequate enough. The Shakti yoga immersion with Jasmine has encouraged me to slow down and get curious with how I'm feeling in the moment. When I'm mindful and connect to my yoni at the start of each practice with the Shakti invocation, it's felt like warm honey in my veins. As someone who usually over-achieves and over-commits, I'm thoroughly enjoying the self-led pace and taking my time to practice when it intuitively feels right, instead of rushing through the beauty of each practice just to tick off another box. My sacral chakra and throat chakra feel more deeply aligned than they have before, and my loved ones are commenting on the subtle, improved changes in how I'm dealing with every day stress and life. I can't recommend this immersion highly enough!"


“I’ve wanted to experience Jasmine’s yoga teachings for ages, but living interstate, it just wasn’t possible. Which is why I was thrilled when she opened up her Shakti Yoga Immersion online. Stepping inside Jasmine’s virtual yoga temple definitely exceeded my expectations. The whole experience from start to finish was rich and deep, not to mention organised and professional – I felt lovingly held and looked after the whole time. I loved the small and I love that I can continue to go deeper with the practices.
Jasmine lives and breaths and embodies Shakti Yoga. Her yoga instruction and her knowledge of the body and the womb is clear and grounded and I absolutely loved learning from her and being in her presence."


"This was the most amazing and blissful yoga immersion. Jasmine has provided beautiful, yogic feminine practices centered around our pelvic bowls and all the wisdom held there. I needed to shake up my own yoga practice which was heavily masculine and too structured. These practices delivered beyond. Grace, fluidity, softening, gentleness, safety, power and receptivity are some the words that I would use to describe what I have experienced over the seven weeks. And I have never slept so deeply when immersing myself in each week's content! I so loved the emphasis on our Wombs as I have been awakening my own Womb after years of living with endometriosis, painful periods, and dissociating with this part of my body. This immersion further deepened my relationship with my Womb and I am forever grateful for Jasmine and her beautiful creation - Shakti Yoga. So much love x"


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